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  1. My name is David Jones I am the 65 year old father of an adult children. Three all my children are perfectly normal, one out them is not. Her name is Isoke. She was born on February 13th 1978. She was diagnosed at 3 days old with a brain based anomaly called Incontinent IA Pigmentation. This condition is due to a mis-aligned number seventeen chromosome; this chromosome is the one that accounts for the growth of a membrane that connects the two hemisphere of the brain and co-ordinates the Sensory inputs for vision and sound. Because Isoke brain does not have that membrane her mental development is that of a 4 months old child, biologically she is 34 years. She cannot walk, talk, feed herself or go to the bathroom. She crawls to get around. She has scoliosis at such a profound curvature level that she cannot stand.

    We received the diagnosis when she was three days old the professional at the hospital recommended that we not even take her home but institutionalize her because of nature of her developmental deformities. We chose to rear her at home with the rest of the family both nuclear and extended. She has spent her life around family that loves her as an equal soul and that is what accounts for her wonderful sprit. I bring this to your attention to explain why I want to pay special attention to Lovingcare Nursing & Home Care Services, Inc., whose staff has not only consistently provided excellent services but treat Isoke with kindness and respect. They stand out from other providers we have had relationship with over the years.

    High quality professional service with heart.

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